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To Move Or Not To Move: Yu Darvish Is Not Ready To Make Decision On Major Leagues

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Yu Darvish hasn’t yet committed to even play in the United States just yet, so any reports of teams being in the hunt are way overplayed. That’s bad news for a team like the Kansas City Royals who need as many options before them as possible if they’re to fix their starting pitching woes.

That’s not to say that Darvish will not come over from his Japanese home, but it’s a major decision for any player to realize. Once he does, you can believe that the bidding war will be incredible. In fact, Tim Dierkes wrote that it might even cost $50 million just for the rights to negotiate with him. He’s a high level talent yet it’s hard to say exactly how his skills will translate. At 25, however, the ceiling is there for him to continue to grow and adjust as he makes the transition. Here’s hoping we actually get a chance to see him ourselves.