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Royals Officially Hire Dave Eiland As New Pitching Coach

After hitting it off recently with Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost, the Royals have decided to hire former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland to take over for Bob McClure.

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As first reported back on October 13th, the Kansas City Royals had interest in former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland. On Tuesday afternoon it all came to fruition as the Royals officially named Dave Eiland as the successor to Bob McClure.

I won't claim to know all that much about Eiland's work with the Yankees as pitching coach, and we already profiled him back on the 13th, but one thing is true. If you are someone who was hired to work for the Rays by Andrew Friedman, chances are you are doing something right. In recent years, the young Friedman has proven to be one of the top executives in all of baseball.

Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer was not a fan of the Royals recent hire, but I will hold judgement until I see what he can do with the young Royals pitchers. We have all witnessed the wonders Kevin Seitzer has done at the major league level with the Kansas City batters.

Lastly, Will McDonald wrote of the hire at Royals Review.