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C.J. Wilson's War Bound To End Up Between Yankees And Rangers

Yahoo! Sports Mark Miller is reporting that the Texas Rangers aren't ready to let their prized free agent starter C.J. Wilson go without a fight. And it might be the New York Yankees who end up as the prime contenders. Both teams are in on Wilson and wanting to go ahead with contract negotiations to bring arguably the best starting pitcher on the MLB free agent market.


Last season, Wilson went 16-7 with a 2.94 ERA in 223 innings. It was only his second full season as a starter in the majors, which makes you either question his long-term ability to hold up with a smaller sample size or makes you excited about the long-term possibilities since his arm hasn't been overly taxed just yet.


The positioning of the two AL powers makes it likely that the Kansas City Royals, once rumored to be players for Wilson, are now out. They're still in dire need of more starters and especially that anchor for the rotation, but Wilson has always been the high ticket item that a mid-market club likely cannot afford to go after.