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MLB Free Agency Rumors: Kansas City Royals Listed Among Mark Buerhle's Suitors

The Kansas City Royals need starting pitching. That statement has become like a broken record around here, yet it’s the facts that have to be stated when discussing the Royals off-season plans. There’s one primary need for a club on the rise with prospects galore and that’s consistent starters to keep the Royals in the game and not tax the bullpen. So it’s that reality that makes Mark Buerhle such an enticing target.

It’s good news, then, that Jim Bowden has Kansas City listed as one of the confirmed suitors for Buehrle’s services. Of course, so is half of major league baseball, but still it’s nice to see the Royals listed alongside some other clubs instead of waiting for table scraps at the end of the off-season before spring training.

Bowden says that 13 teams are in on the former White Sox pitcher and they include several from the AL and NL both. It’s hard to figure out what will happen and when, but it’s clear that other pitchers might have to sign first to set the market — a la C.J. Wilson. Here’s hoping that KC adds the frontline consistent starter they need so badly.