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Kansas City Royals Unveil Changes To Uniforms For 2012

The Kansas City Royals unveiled changes to their uniforms for the 2012 season on Monday at Kauffman Stadium.

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The Kansas City Royals have decided to make a few changes to their uniforms for the 2012 season. The changes will be made to their powder-blue, alternate home jerseys, and their standard grey road jerseys. 

The announcement comes just in time for the holidays in case anyone was thinking of gift ideas this time of the year. These are not major changes but the uniforms were unveiled at Kauffman Stadium today by Royals hitting coach Kevin Seitzer and All-Star pitcher Aaron Crow

The powder blue jerseys will have a new 'bolder' color that is supposed to better represent the powder blues of the past, along with some minor piping changes on the seams.

The road grey uniforms will also feature a deeper color and some new script to read "Kansas City" in a similar way to the traditional "Royals" script. 

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