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Dayton Moore Says Royals 'Still Looking To Add Another Pitcher' Beyond Bruce Chen

The Kansas City Royals have now officially added two pitchers to the rotation for 2012 this off-season and General Manager Dayton Moore says the team isn't finished yet. Even after signing Chen to a $9 million deal over two years (with $2 million more in incentives), Moore still encouraged fans to believe in more pitchers to come.

"We certainly have some quality depth," Moore said, "but it’s going to be an open competition. It’s a matter of getting the right guys. And we’re not done. We’re still looking to add another pitcher."

That's good news considering that everything else seems largely in place for the team. The outfield is set. The infield is dynamic and young. The line-up should be potent with a full year of Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas along with Billy Butler and Alex Gordon. The bullpen will be above average as well. The only issue is the rotation.

For Moore, at least one more starting veteran who can anchor the rotation would serve the team well. At the very least, knowing that it's on his radar is the best news possible.