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Eric Hosmer Among Top First Basemen For Fantasy Baseball Keeper Lists

For those looking for another strong baseball site, Fangraphs is a great option for more in-depth analysis. In the family, they also have Rotographs, a fantasy baseball sister site, and it's clear they love Eric Hosmer as much as the Kansas City Royals do. As Rotographs makes its rounds for keeper lists for the next year, they place Hosmer rather high on the list of all MLB first basemen at No. 8 overall.

"An aggressive ranking? Maybe," writes Mike Axisa, "but you’re not going to find anyone that doesn’t love Hosmer or expect great things. He provided some very good value as waiver fodder in early-May, hitting .293/.334/.465 with 19 homers and 75 RBI in 128 games. Hosmer even stole eleven bases (in 16 chances), the most among 1B eligible players with at least 250 PA in 2011. His wOBA just kept going up as the season progressed. About the only thing Hosmer doesn’t do right now is draw walks (6.0%), but his minor league track record suggest he will down the line. Bill James projects big things next season (.311/.362/.494 with 23 homers), an after the top seven fantasy first baseman, Hosmer gives you the best chance at true greatness."