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MLB Free Agency Rumors: Aramis Ramirez Could End Up In AL Central With Detroit Tigers

Sometimes the rich get richer, as they say, and the Detroit Tigers are already loaded compared with other teams in the AL Central. Thus, with word getting out that the Detroit Tigers are interested in Aramis Ramirez, the Chicago Cubs' slugging third baseman, the rest of the division is on notice. David Schoenfield of ESPN has the word:

With Brandon Inge plunging to a .197 batting average, Detroit third basemen hit a combined .222/.286/.331. Inge is under contract for one more year at $5.5 million, but considering he wasn't a good hitter to begin with, the chances of a rebound appear slim. The Tigers are in a pretty good position with $23 million of Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez coming off the books, although Justin Verlander's $7.25 million increase will eat up some of that. The biggest concern is that an infield featuring Ramirez, Jhonny Peralta and Miguel Cabrera would be a huge defensive liability.