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Kansas City Royals Reportedly Interested In Atlanta Braves Jair Jurrjens

The only certainty within the market is that Dayton Moore must make a move of some kind to improve the rotation.

The Kansas City Royals need a frontline starter for the rotation more than anything else in their off-season shopping list. That means it's going to cost them. Whether they're going to have to deal out millions upon millions of dollars or part ways with a major prospect, something is going to have to give if the Royals are going to climb out of the AL Central basement. That's the cost of adding a player like Jair Jurrjens of the Atlanta Braves, one player that the Royals have reportedly been interested in.

"The Royals are among the teams the Braves have approached about Jurrjens," writes Mark Bowman. "The Braves are interested in a number of Kansas City’s highly-regarded young prospects, including outfielder Wil Myers, who has spent the past few weeks impressing in the Arizona Fall League. Along with Myers, the Braves have also talked to the Royals about Lorenzo Cain. With centerfielder Michael Bourn’s contract set to expire at the end of the 2012 season, the Braves will spend time this winter looking at Cain and other similar players who could serve as Bourn’s replacement."

Jurrjens had a 5.88 ERA after the All-Star Break (where he was an All-Star from an incredible first half) and he has had continued health problems over the years, so it's likely that Jurrjens isn't the fans' choice for the ace starter that most are hoping for. However, the Royals could sign a free agent like Mark Buehrle and trade for Jurrjens both and come away with a brand new rotation. While Jurrjens is a risk, so is the develop of Lorenzo Cain or others for that matter. There's simply no way of knowing how a pitcher will perform in KC or how a prospect will come along.

What is a certainty, however, is that Dayton Moore has to make a move outside of his own roster since the Royals are so thin in the rotation.