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Are The Kansas City Royals Selling Naming The Rights To Kauffman Stadium?

According to a Yahoo report, the Kansas City Royals are reportedly selling the naming rights to Kauffman Stadium. "The K" as most of us call it was renamed Kauffman Stadium on July 2nd, 1993 in honor of longtime Royals owner, the late Ewing Kauffman. For the first 20 years of the stadium's exiestience it was known as Royals Stadium.

It's an unfortunate situation for longtime fans of the Royals, but it is also a sign of the times should the naming rights come under corporate sponsorship. While it's a great homage to a man that cared so deeply about baseball in Kansas City, the revenue earned from selling stadium naming rights could equal between $3-6 million annually.

Look for more updated info as it becomes available and of course check out Royals Review for continued Royals coverage.