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Kansas City Royals Should Check Out Tampa's Wade Davis For Pitching Option

With the Kansas City Royals in need of a starting pitcher, one team is loaded with young arms and they're looking for position players to help out the ML roster. That might make the Tampa Bay Rays and the Royals a good fit for one another since KC's looking to round out the starting rotation. One name being tossed about is Wade Davis, and the Royals could definitely use an arm like him.

With the recent move of Trevor Cahill from the Athletics to the Diamondbacks, some writers are saying the Rays should expect a similar haul. Ken Rosenthal writes, "Davis, 26, is the starting pitcher the Rays are most likely to trade. Cahill, 23, is younger and more accomplished, but Davis is much more of a bargain – he will earn $3.65 million less per season over the next six years if both pitchers’ contracts are executed to completion.

"Clubs might not view Davis as highly, but the greater affordability of his contract might make him even more appealing to mid- and low-revenue clubs in need of rotation help – clubs such as the Reds and Marlins."

Davis went went 11-10 with a 4.45 ERA last season.