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Aaron Laffey Non-Tendered By Kansas City Royals, Becomes Free Agent

Aaron Laffey, we hardly knew ye.

No, seriously, we never knew him at all in Kansas City since the reliever was claimed off of waivers from the New York Yankees after the 2011 season and now has been non-tendered by the Royals, making him a free agent. The quickipedia on this whole non-tender thing goes like this: if a player like Chris Getz (for example) is heading for arbitration (which he is), the team can tender him a contract (which they did) to sign so that the case doesn't go to an arbiter (which it would have) where both sides risk something.

Laffey now becomes a free agent reliever and he had a pedestrian year in 2011 where his ERA of 3.88 would fool you into thinking he'd be a viable option for the Royals' pen. Yet he allowed a ridiculous amount of baserunners between both stops with 10.3 H/9 and 3.6 BB/9. Those are horrible numbers that give Laffey a WHIP of 1.650. Funny thing is, he's done that his whole career.

Laffey will likely earn a minor league deal somewhere, maybe with the Royals. For now, the Royals now have someone who makes a great trivia question (What pitcher never pitched for the Royals in a one-month tenure back in 2011?).