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Boston Red Sox Reportedly Sought Joakim Soria In Trade From Kansas City Royals

The player most often cited as trade bait for the Kansas City Royals this off-season would either be Wil Myers as a prospect or Joakim Soria as a known quantity. Both players have been included in various rumored deals or with a multitude of teams citing interest. Count the Boston Red Sox as the latest to check in on Soria’s availability, although Rob Bradford notes the price was too high for the BoSox to consider it a real option.

The Sox already traded the Astros for Mark Melancon, but the loss of Jonathan Papelbon to the Phillies is going to hurt them in the long run at the back end of the pen if they don’t help round out the bullpen that was already needing another arm or two before Papelbon left. Soria would certainly help any pen, but that doesn’t appear likely now.

Bradford writes, "Soria’s contract is extremely attractive considering his overall production, with the closer carrying club options of $6 million, $8 million and $8.75 million over the next three seasons, respectively. If any agreement was to be reached there would be one potential fly in the ointment with the Red Sox representing one of six teams Soria can block a trade to. (The impetus for such a clause — which also includes the Yankees, Dodgers, Phillies, Rockies, and Braves — is usually viewed as an opportunity to renegotiate the current deal.)

“Despite the recent acquisition of Houston closer Mark Melancon, the Red Sox continue to look for late-inning relief help. Still on the market are free agents Ryan Madson and Francisco Cordero, both of whom are still waiting with the Sox and Reds seemingly still serving as the most likely landing spots for either of the two.”