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Royals Rumors: Javier Vasquez Makes Sense For Kansas City

Of all of the free agents left on the market, Jim Bowden recently made his own list over at ESPN of the undervalued free agents left on the table. Led by outfielder Carlos Beltran, the list also includes some starting pitchers that could be of interest to the Kansas City Royals. Paul Maholm is an option, as is Hiroki Kuroda. But Bowden says that one pitcher would be a good fit for both sides: Javier Vasquez.

Bowden writes, "The Marlins and Kansas City Royals are his best fits, but his preference would be Miami because he’d get the opportunity to be on a winner right away, now that the Marlins have added Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle. He’s a definite upgrade over their fifth starter, Chris Volstad, and it’ll be interesting to see if the Marlins reach out to him and try to get him back for another year. He could be a difference-maker in the wild-card race and an undervalued signing on a one-year deal."