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Kansas City Royals Predicted To Possibly Take Second Place In AL Central In 2012

Everyone loves the future of the Kansas City Royals, that much is certain. After all, you can't have the most celebrated farm system year after year in the Major Leagues without eventually translating to success at the top. The question when predicting that future for KC has been a question of when, not if. Stan McNeal at Sporting News thinks that the success could start at soon as next year.

"The good times could be ready to roll in K.C.," he says. "The All-Star Game is coming in July, the organization’s top-rated farm system continues to pump out prospects and two AL Central rivals (the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins) have fallen on tough times. Second place isn't out of the question"

McNeal goes on to praise the acquisition of Jonathan Broxton and Jonathan Sanchez in off-season trades and believe both will pay dividends for the team's weakest link -- its pitching. The young hitting should continue to develop and the Royals could take a major step forward.