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MLB Free Agency: Prince Fielder, Carlos Beltran, Edwin Jackson Among Top Players Left

Don't expect the Kansas City Royals to be among the big bidders for the few players that remain of note on the free agent market. One of the biggest fish of all, figuratively and literally, is still available as are several solid veteran additions, but the Royals aren't likely to be in on any of them except for perhaps one starter: Edwin Jackson. As for the others like 1B Prince Fielder, where the Royals are already bloated with Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler as options, and outfielder Carlos Beltran, the Royals won't be jamming those phone lines.

Yet Jackson presents an intriguing option. Jason Churchill writes, "Jackson's market may develop as soon as the situation with Darvish is settled, though the potential trade of Cubs right-hander Matt Garza could get in the way. Jackson could interest half the league, depending on his cost, and may have to wait until Roy Oswalt signs to set his price."

The Royals should at least kick the tires on both Oswalt and Jackson. Oswalt would bring a great veteran presence at a low-end price, while Jackson is a starter in his prime who already knows the AL Central from his time with the ChiSox. Even in a potential Matt Garza trade, the Royals would be wise to check in on what that price would be. They simply need one more reliable starter who can help anchor the rotation if the price is right.