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MLB Free Agency: Chicago Cubs Reportedly Sign Andy Sonnanstine

One of the lesser-celebrated free agent pitchers on the open market that we've been personally hoping the Kansas City Royals would sign has ended up catching on with the Chicago Cubs with the report from Jon Heyman that the Chicago Cubs have signed former Tampa Bay pitcher Andy Sonnanstine. The former Ray has bounced back and forth between the rotation and bullpen for TB over the years, but the potential is still there to break through to a consistent performance for the 28-year-old.

Last year was one to forget for Sonnanstine with a 5.55 ERA in 15 games. But in years past, Sonnanstine had actually become one of the early Rays promising starters that they now seem to churn out effortlessly year after year. In 2008, he made 32 starts and went 13-9 with a 4.38 ERA in his second full season in the majors. Since then, however, a slow decline has kept Sonnanstine from pitching with any real consistency and more celebrated arms have since taken over.

For the Royals, however, Sonnanstine would have been a perfect low-risk candidate to make the team in 2012. The Cubs are likely hoping for the same thing and, if successful, will likely ship him off for prospects at the trade deadline. It's a nice move by new GM Jed Hoyer and the Cubs added another smaller but helpful component.