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Alex Gordon 2012 Fantasy Baseball Predictions: Neither Superstar Nor Slacker

Alex Gordon broke out in a big way in 2011 after years of frustrating production with the Kansas City Royals. Gordon had long been predicted as a fantasy breakout candidate among AL outfielders, and his potential was always greater than the reality -- so much so that some labeled him a potential bust. The good news is that the Royals stuck with him, and fantasy owners who did the same enjoyed the spoils.

The latest article from Rotographs, the fantasy side of Fangraphs, focused on Alex Gordon recently and the analysis yields a final word that Gordon might not continue to ascend some hill to superstardom but instead might settle in the realm of very good:

Alex Gordon won’t turn back into a pumpkin in 2012. His contact and power gains, as well as his sneaky-good wheels, make him a good bet for a .270-.280 average, an OBP in the .350s a slugging percentage north of .450 and 15 or so steals. But what you have to ask yourself is, how high of a pick are you willing to pay for production that might be similar to Michael Cuddyer circa 2011? Gordon is a quality player, but he’s in a bigger pool of talent now as an outfielder and won’t come cheap with fond memories of 2011 close at hand and his previous prospect pedigree. You’ll never hear the word bust associated with Gordon again, but superstar would be stretching it, too.