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Fantasy Baseball: Is Eric Hosmer Going To Become Elite First Baseman?

For those concerned with your own Winter Meetings in keeper fantasy leagues, questions often arise about younger players and their projections. Can we trust the rookie who was on fire for 100 at bats? Will the guy who struggled in the majors but dominated in the minors turn the corner? Eric Hosmer had a very strong first year with the Kansas City Royals, but Rotographs' Mike Podhorzer wonders just how good he can be in his latest column.

He writes, "I think the Double-A breakout gave many some inflated expectations about Hosmer. If his power breakout was sustained in Triple-A this year and then only dropped off a bit on the Royals, I would be much more optimistic. He does hit too many grounders to get real excited, but Bull is right in that he does not need to swat 30 to generate some solid value. The Royals should continue to run, so although Hosmer might not steal 11 bases again, I think he will come close. He will also contribute in batting average, and hitting in the middle of the order should mean he should at least be decent in runs and RBI. I don’t think his upside is that high this year, but I think he is pretty safe given his potential across the board contributions."

The entire column's worth a read if you want to get the feel for his opinions on both sides and just how good Hosmer might become.