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Winter Meetings 2011: Royals Jeremy Jeffress Listed As Possible Buy-Low Prospect

ESPN’s Keith Law recently posted a list of formerly top prospects that are now available as buy low candidates. Certainly there are some obvious choices that make the list — from the well-traveled and once-celebrated Brett Wallace to the eternal prospect of the Phillies Domonic Brown. But it’s interesting to see someone from the Royals already listed there since their youth movement is just starting to hit the major league level in Jeremy Jeffress.

Law writes, “Really the ultimate tease. Jeffress can touch triple digits with his fastball, and his power breaking ball can be equally dominating. But then there is the inconsistency, the inability to throw strikes and the constant issues with marijuana use, as much of the industry believes that the primary factor for him getting added to the 40-man roster in his Milwaukee Brewers days was to avoid another positive test, which could have ended his career (union members are not tested for marijuana).”

Law believes that the Royals recent additions make Jeffress more available than in recent months. “With the Royals already loaded with power arms in the bullpen — and adding more in the offseason with Jonathan Broxton — Jeffress has gone from potential closer to potential expendable.”

Yet Broxton only has a one year deal and the Royals pen could easily lose Soria in a trade or Aaron Crow to the rotation. There’s simply more room in the pen for Jeffress than what Law is referring to. That said, I do not believe that Jeffress is any more or less available that he was before.