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Winter Meetings 2011: Would Wil Myers For Gio Gonzalez Provide A Good Deal For Kansas City Royals?

It’s the MLB Winter Meetings, so rumors are as common as bad signings are to the Miami Marlins this offseason. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a fire where the smoke is coming from — and there’s a bit linking the Kansas City Royals with the Oakland Athletics as far as Gio Gonzalez is concerned.

The Royals are definitely hungry for starting pitching — not of the “hope he works out” variety, but instead an ace who can anchor the rotation for years to come. Obviously such pitchers aren’t just available in mass supply — in fact, most teams would say they’re looking for an ace — but the A’s are willing to move Gonzalez and the Royals have been linked by SI’s Jon Heyman after the Royals have also checked out a trade for the Braves’ Jair Jurrjens.

Heyman also notes that Wil Myers might fit the bill, and that’s the same player the Braves wanted. It’s an obvious choice given that Myers was the No. 1 rated prospect by Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus in a list of the Royals top prospects. In short, it’s the number one player in the number one farm system — that’s a tough blow to any team to think of dealing such a player.

But it’s also a move that the Royals could make. They already have some younger outfielders in place with Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain. Gordon is someone they’ll have to sign to an extension and perhaps Jeff Francoeur is in place at least for the next year in the other corner. But given more seasoning, Myers could spell either Gordon or Francoeur at the right time and provide years of productivity at a very low cost.

Then again, what’s needed more — a frontline starting pitcher who could anchor the staff on the team’s weakest link or a great outfield prospect. If the A’s would bite on Myers as the anchor in a deal, the Royals would have to think about it. After all, Myers is not a sure thing — like any prospect — and Gonzalez has already shown he can win big in the majors. That’s a trade worth making if it’s even a possibility.