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Winter Meetings 2011: Hiroyuki Nakajima Announcement Still Pending

The official report is that one team, at least, put in a bid for Hiroyuki Nakajima, the Japanese shortstop posted by the Seibu Lions for auction. The only piece of news is that the announcements was supposed to be made public today, and then that's not happening apparently. What that tells us is that you never quite know anything is true at the Winter Meetings when you hear them.

Last year, Nakajima had 16 home runs and 100 RBI while batting .297. He led the league in hits just two seasons ago and also has won two Gold Gloves. He's clearly an enticing talent when you consider the state of middle infielders around the league. For the Kansas City Royals, they've lacked even a league average hitter at the position for years so certainly Nakajima offers up an intriguing possibility. Perhaps they could pull a surprise here considering the team is a mystery team. The Royals have the hole in the line-up and the auction could be cheaper if there weren't several teams bidding.

If anything, an international man of mystery is much more fun to consider than another year of a .650 or less OPS at the position.