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Royals Rumors: Joakim Soria Available For Frontline Starting Pitcher

The Kansas City Royals are one of several teams with an available closer. Along with free agents like Ryan Madson, some candidates like Andrew Bailey and Huston Street are also available. That means that the Royals will likely hold onto Joakim Soria even though Jayson Stark says the official word is that the Royals have made Soria available for the right place: a "young, controllable, front-line starter in return."

That's the sort of player they're fishing for from the Oakland Athletics at this point with the Gio Gonzalez or Trevor Cahill rumors. That's the primary target for the Royals in some way -- either using prospects or a veteran like Soria, the Royals are honing in on their primary need. If they can somehow find that anchor for the starting rotation, they're going to be a significant force in the AL Central. With a top notch starter, the Royals would suddenly have depth in the rotation and could be patient with the young arms they have rather than pushing and hoping.