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Albert Pujols Reportedly Staying With Cardinals With Marlins Off Table

The best hitter in the state of Missouri and, well, anywhere in the world over the last two decades is not going anywhere — or at least he doesn’t seem to be. The race to sign Albert Pujols this off-season has really been a two-horse race for the last few days. Once the Chicago Cubs were seen as unrealistic contenders and they moved their primary interest to Prince Fielder, it was down to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins. Even after days of negotiations and a 10-year deal with $220 million committed and several other franchise perks, the Marlins are now reportedly off the table.

It’s difficult to even picture another team coming into the picture at this point with the guns to pony up for a decade of payments for even a talent like the Cardinals. The agents would have vetted every team up front already and so now its’ clear the Cardinals will have their first baseman back in the fold for what is likely the rest of his career. In the process, you can expect Pujols to set not only several more team records but establish new MLB hitting records for a hitter on a single team.

As for the Marlins, they’re apparently turning their interests elsewhere rather quickly by signing Mark Buehrle to a four year deal right after they backed out of a deal with Pujols.