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Albert Pujuls To Kansas City Royals Is Unlikely, David Glass Hints

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It was a pipe dream but you can almost officially mark it off. The Kansas City Royals aren't in the Albert Pujols game. The St. Louis Cardinals slugger is entering the final year of his contract but Kansas City, who was never actually connected to Pujols, aren't expected to be pursuing him.

Pujols has Kansas City ties, and the Royals just cleared a lot of payroll this offseason, so the question made some sense. The Royals can't officially discuss signing Pujols so the KC Star's Bob Dutton asked a hypothetical question to Royals owner David Glass.

So the question was phrased this way to Royals owner David Glass: Could you envision a scenario in which the Royals would sign a player to a 10-year contract for $300 million or something in that vicinity?

"No," Glass said. "We would not sign any individual player to a $300 million contract."

I saw a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last week suggesting the Royals are one of a few teams that make sense for Pujols. That idea seemed somewhat outrageous to me considering the Royals never spend the type of money it would require to acquire Pujols. Teams just don't go from the bottom of the payroll to issuing the largest contract in baseball history.


And that all but wraps it up on the Pujols front.