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Royals Prospects Should Bring Better Spring Training And Late Season Attendance

The Royals should garner plenty of attention during this season’s spring training regimen in Surprise, Ariz. With such a loaded system, spring training attendance should be quite high for those wanting to see guys like Eric Hosmer and Mike Montgomery in person. The problem for fans come when those youngsters must return to the minors for the regular season.

Then again, David Simmons, columnist for The Biz of Baseball, says that the Royals attendance should still be up this season after a dismal last four seasons. While the club’s overall record and performance might be comparable to the struggles of years past, fans will likely pour into Kaufmann stadium as the season wears on and notable rookies make their debuts. As Simmons writes:

Mike Moustakas’ debut couldn’t come any sooner. Mark down June 21st Royal Fans, the first home game after he can’t be a super two. Hosting the Cubs this season and next year’s all-star game will be boon to ticket sales if properly leveraged. Leveraging those two events will be the key to the Royals ticket sales this year and next as they wait for their 5 best pitching prospects starting the year at AA.