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Royals' Everett Teaford Gets Car Stolen At Spring Training

Well this is a unique story.

Kansas City Royals pitcher Everett Teaford, who is on the bubble as far as making the roster, walked out of a restaurant in Surprise, AZ and found his car was...missing. 

Via Bob Dutton of the KC Star:

"I walked out," Teaford said, "and I looked at the spot where I was left it. I was so tired. I had to go home (over the weekend to Georgia) for a wedding, and I was exhausted. I get done eating, and here I am looking around in the parking lot.

"I thought, `Man, I parked in this spot. If I didn't park in that one, I parked in this one. And there's nothing there either.'"

Incredible. The truck was stolen and Teaford says his agent is able to handle it so it won't be as much of a distraction but when you're trying to make the roster, and a lot of people say you're close, getting your car stolen isn't an idea scenario.

And, no, it doesn't sound like this is a hell-of-a-trick from his teammates.