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Joakim Soria Wants A New Nickname

As many of you know, Royals pitcher Joakim Soria's nickname is the "Mexicutioner" which is, frankly, a pretty intense nickname. Soria wrote via Twitter on Monday night that it may be time to change that nickname:

how about if we change my nickname to something positive? in support to mexico to stop all the violence !!!

So what can we come up with?

The KC Star's Sam Mellinger is taking requests on his Twitter account (@Mellinger) and he everoffered up his own suggestion on his blog:

I will readily admit right now that I am awful with these types of things. The first thought I had, and I probably shouldn't admit this, was "Warm Milk" because he puts opponents to sleep*.

* Honestly. How terrible is that? I hope my boss doesn't read this. Please don't send this to him.

....It's pretty terrible (I kid...sort of).

But that's OK. There are some suggestions coming in via Twitter, like "Mexcellence". Is that the early leader so far?