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Royals Spring Training News And Notes 2/22

Today the Kansas City Royals announced they had signed five more players to one year contracts for the upcoming season. Those inking the line today were pitcher Blake Wood, catcher Manny Pina, infielder Jeff Bianchi, and outfielders Lorenzo Cain, and Jarrod Dyson. Wood is probably the surest bet to break camp with Kansas City, while Cain and Dyson are also in the mix to begin the season with the Royals, or atleast be just a short phone call away in Omaha  Sarpy County.

While speaking of Jarrod Dyson, Bob Dutton wrote in the Kansas City Star about the potential of Dyson as a lead off hitter in Kansas City. While Dyson is probably most known for his amazing defense in his cup of coffee with the big league club last season, Royals manager Ned Yost goes on to mention that Dyson is probably the best potential lead off hitter the Royals have in camp. It still looks like a long shot for him to make the Royals team, but I have been very impressed with what I have seen of him in both Omaha and Kansas City.

In other news, Royals closer Joakim Soria tweeted earlier this morning that he believes Royals fans should come up with a new nickname. The "Mexicutioner" as he has long been called, believes it refers negatively to violence in his native Mexico. Soria expanded upon his thoughts in the Star. I personally have no problem with Soria speaking out against the gang violence in Mexico, and if he can use his power of sports fame to help spread word about the violence and somehow use it as a positive, I am all for it. Just don't change his entrance music.

Joel Thorman had the next story in his Barbecue Sauce column. Apparently sometime over the weekend, pitcher Everett Teaford's truck was stolen from a restaurant in Surprise. I feel bad for the guy. Teaford has enough stress being a fringe player trying to battle his way onto the roster, that I am sure he didn't need this extra stress.

And lastly I leave you with a bunch of links to video of Royals prospects (and some major leaguers) by Royals Director of Media Relations, David Holtzman

Tim Collins RP #1

Tim Collins RP #2

Christian Colon SS

Cheslor Cuthbert 3B

Danny Duffy SP

Brett Eibner OF

Jeremy Jeffress RP

John Lamb SP

Wil Myers OF

Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, and Clint Robinson fielding

What do you fans think of the prospects you constantly read about? And as always, feel free to leave comments below about anything Royals.