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Jose Guillen Will Retire If No Offer Comes In Next Week

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Former Kansas City Royal Jose Guillen told ESPN Deportes he will retire if he doesn't receive an offer from a team. According to the report, Guillen said he would make that decision if he doesn't have an offer within one week.

The Royals traded Guillen to the San Francisco Giants last summer and, even though they didn't give up much, the results weren't very pleasing, so it'shard to see him getting another shot.

The 34-year-old is awful in the field and batted just .217 over the final 28 games of the regular season in 2010. He was left off the postseason roster by the Giants and also investigated by federal authorities regarding a shipment of HGH that was allegedly sent to his wife in California. It's highly unlikely he will get the chance to play his 15th season in the majors.    

A world without Jose Guillen quotes won't be nearly as entertaining.