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Teams Have Asked Royals About Trading Alex Gordon

SB Nation KC's Matt Hays recently posted about Alex Gordon's coming into his own a little more in a Royals spring training victory on Wednesday.

Speaking of Gordon, ESPN's Buster Olney had this to say via Twitter on Thursday morning:

Other teams have asked Royals about Alex Gordon, and the asking price is high: prime-prospect return. KC still invested in him.

Gordon was the second overall pick in the 2005 draft and apparently still an important prospect for the Royals. He hasn't been a total bust but he also hasn't turned out to be the player the Royals thought he would be. In that regard, he's a typical Royals draft pick.

It'll be interesting to see with this huge crop of players coming up through the minor leagues in the next few years how many Alex Gordon-type players the Royals develop.