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Kansas City Royals' Pat White Retires From Baseball

Pat White won't be making a run at Major League Baseball after all.

White, the former Miami Dolphins quarterback, signed with the Kansas City Royals last year in an attempt to try his hand at baseball after his stint at the Dolphins QB didn't work out.

He was sent to the Royals instructional league at that point but, when spring training rolled around this month, he didn't show up. The Associated Press reports the Royals have confirmed White has informed the team he is retiring from baseball.

White was probably a long shot anyway as he had been in the NFL the previous two years. It's unclear why he retired or what his plan is now but he won't be in a Royals uniform apparently.

White was originally the Dolphins second round pick in 2009 and the pick came as a surprise to some. The Dolphins ran a version of the Wildcat offense so White's presence made some sense but ultimately it didn't work out as he played in just 13 games.

White didn't have any bites while he was on the NFL free agent market last September so I can't imagine he'll be returning to the NFL.