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Is A Kansas City Royals Slide Starting?

I have to admit as a Kansas City Royals fan, I'm very pessimistic about the team. (Can you blame me?) The Royals over the last two decades have taught me to be pessimistic because, well, they haven't been very good.

The Royals latest losing slide has caused the pessimistic fan in me to come out. All I've asked of this Royals team is to be competitive into the summer so I don't want this to be the beginning of a long losing streak.

The Royals were swept by the Texas Rangers over the weekend and they've lost six of their last eight. Things won't get much easier with the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins coming up. The pessimistic fan in me says this will be a bad week for the Royals.

The slightly optimistic fan in me says this is a great opportunity for the Royals to make up some ground in the division. I'd love if they could go on a little run this week perhaps returning to first place. That would go a long way to making this team competitive in May and June, which is all I've asked.

This is a big week, Royals fans. Which way do you think it will go?