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Kansas City Royals Make Their Pitch

Prior to the Kansas City Royals 2011 season, I said to SB Nation KC's Royals blogger, Matt Hays, that I'm not too excited for the season. They're not supposed to be very good and everyone seems more concerned with 2012 or 2013. I did say, though, that they can keep my attention as long as they're competitive.

That they have done and done very well. Check out this opening line from Lee Judge in the KC Star this week:

Call in sick, play hooky, say a dog ate your homework, just do yourself a favor and get out to the ballpark this afternoon. The Royals are on a magical roll and nobody knows how long it will last. They won another come from behind, extra-inning, nail-biting game last night, 7-6 in 12 innings.

It's one of those streaks that have old-time, tough as nails, chewing-tobacco-on-the-chin grizzled vets shaking their heads. (OK, I'm going to stop being lyrical now, I've run out of clichés... but the Royals are playing really good, fun to watch baseball and we should all enjoy it while we can.)

When was the last time we read something like that about the Royals? (Answer: 2003)

I'll admit that I have a foot on the bandwagon right now. I'm not completely there yet but, hey, I can get down with an exciting team. The Royals have already had four exciting, last-inning games en route to a 4-1 start.