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Kansas City Royals And St Louis Cardinals Share More Than Just A State

The Royals and the Cardinals have met just 60 times in regular season play with St. Louis holding a 34-26 lead in the all time series, of course the Cardinals have routinely been in the playoff hunt since interleague play began, while Kansas City has been in the hunt just once (2003) during that time period. At the same time Kansas City holds the true advantage, the 1985 World Series Championship.

We've all been there before, be it at school, at the workplace, talking with neighbors, sometimes even amongst our own families, the Royals and Cardinals rivalry is much like brothers fighting. Brothers that are fighting for the annual bragging rights in the state of Missouri. Sam Mellinger at the Kansas City Star wrote a humorous piece of satire this morning providing everyone with his stark opinion of what makes Kansas City better.

The storybook also continues throughout many decades with connections between players such as Al Hrabosky, Dan Quisenberry, Vince Coleman, Gary Gaetti, Mark Grudzielanek, and of course manager Whitey Herzog. Even Fox Sports Kansas City's own Joel Goldberg was once an employee of the Cardinals. 

Herzog may be the most interesting link between to two cities as he managed both teams. The Baseball Hall of Famer was the Royals skipper between 1975 and 1979, leading the Royals to three division titles during his time before heading across the state to St Louis, where he was manager from 1980-1990, advancing to three separate World Series, winning it all in 1982.