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Royals SP Kyle Davies Hopes To Rebound Against Orioles

After two starts in late April where it seemed Kyle Davies was finding his groove, everything came unraveled for the Royals starting pitcher in his last outing against the Indians. In that forgettable outing, Davies allowed 10 baserunners and 8 earned runs in 3-plus innings to take the loss. Now, he hopes to get back on track against the visiting Orioles.

Last night, Jeff Francouer provided the walk-off offense to take game one of three in the current series, Now they hope Davies can bring it home. As he told the Associated Press, "I got my butt kicked by a good team who's hot. There's no excuses. I have to get more swings and misses. I couldn't stop it."

Tonight he goes against Jake Arrieta, a young Orioles hurler who's coming into his own in his last three starts. Yet it's the Royals who have to feel good with a four game winning streak and the late night heroics of last night's 10th inning victory. If the Royals can win this one, they'll have their first five-game winning streak in two years.