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Reaching The Majors Is A Celebration For The Entire Hosmer Family

When a young player such as Eric Hosmer is called up to get their first taste of the major leagues, often going understated is the excitement for the entire family.

As we witnessed a few weeks ago when Louis Coleman was called up for the first time, the family will often drop everything and make plans to go see see their son get their experience on baseball's grandest stage. Coleman's family drove many miles to Kansas City in order to see Louis make his first appearance and followed along to Texas in hopes of seeing the reliever pitch again. It was a special moment to see Louis' father, Hal, a farmer in Slaughter, Mississippi, pumped his fists in the stands when Coleman struck a batter out. It was a scene probably seen many times going back to little league.

It was no different for Eric Hosmer's family, as his parents Mike and Illeana, brother Mike, and an aunt and uncle made their way to Kansas City from Florida as soon as Eric got the call he was coming up.

When speaking about the conversation had with his parents, Hosmer told the Kansas City Star-

''I said, `We made it,' recalled the Royals' most-hyped rookie since Bo Jackson. ''I felt like it was a complete family effort.''

Often that moment is just as special for the parents, as Mike Hosmer Sr has began to understand exactly how much a prospect the caliber of Eric Hosmer means to the Kansas City Royals and their fans.

''It's going 100 miles an hour right now,'' said the elder Hosmer. ''It's like I pinch myself every few minutes to see if it's real. Then I look around and it is. I don't know what's going to happen when he walks out on that field. It's just crazy.''

Eric's father first got a real impression of what was soon to be in store when he recalled a story from this past winter when he picked up his rental car after flying into Kansas City to attend the Royals Fan Fest-

"I handed the credit card and my driver’s license to the gentleman, and he said ‘Hosmer?’ Are you any relation to Eric Hosmer?’ I said yes, I was his father. Then he started reciting stats and everything, and I thought, ‘Wow! There are some really hard-core fans here.’ That’s something we’re not used to, that’s for sure."

It's been a long time since 1985 and the days of George Brett and Frank White seeing action on the field, but the spirit of baseball in the hearts of Royals fans has never relinquished.

Eric Hosmer, the folks in Kansas City are glad to welcome you and your family here. Now let's play ball.