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Eric Hosmer's Arrival In Kansas City Is Good For All Parties

You can’t please everyone, as they say. One minute, the Royals are cheap. The next, they’re being financially irresponsible when calling up widely heralded prospect Eric Hosmer to the major leagues so soon.

Gabe Lacques from the USA Today recently posted a refreshing take on the ascension of Hosmer and what it means for the Royals in today’s First Pitch column. His take? Royals fans should see this as good news for a franchise that’s often been seen running in the opposite direction.

For once, no one can accuse the Kansas City Royals of being cheap. In fact, some in Kansas City are concerned the Royals may have cost themselves millions of dollars down the road by promoting Hosmer now. But think about that: The Royals brought up a top prospect purely for baseball reasons. Partially because the AL Central race is wide open. Partially because Hosmer, 21, had nothing left to prove at the minor league level. And partially because incumbent first baseman Kila Ka’aihue was not cutting it. In other words, all the right reasons.

What fault is there to place here? The people who cry foul over money seem to think that it’s their money. Others crying foul that he could end up leaving sometime near the end of the decade are forgetting that there are actually years to live and enjoy between now and then. For anyone crying about the sky falling when it comes Hosmer’s call-up, there’s a need to wake up and enjoy the moment. It’s a great moment for a Royals team long in need of one.