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New MLB Mock Draft Has Royals Taking Bubba Starling Over Trevor Bauer

The latest round of 2011 MLB Draft mocks are rolling in and we’ll keep you updated on every angle that we hear of the Kansas City Royals, especially sitting at that No. 5 slot. They’re in an enviable position with a deep farm system just beginning to hit the majors already and it seems the Royals want to add an arm that will arrive shortly after some of the first wave of pitching prospects. Then again, Jonathan Mayo of believes differently.

That’s because Mayo has the Royals keeping their choice close to home with superstar athlete Bubba Starling. No one quite knows where Sterling will fall, which teams are in love with him or even if he will be willing to choose baseball over a college quarterback career. But with such incredible tools, it’s hard to not take the bait. Mayo writes:

The Royals are also looking at college arms like Trevor Bauer or Cole if he dropped here. Starling and Francisco Lindor are the hitters being considered, with the two-sport toolsy outfielder in their own back yard making almost too much sense.

Even with the Royals prospects in play, there are still holes in the outfield of the future for the team, so Starling would definitely have a place to play. If he made a successful leap, a future line-up of Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Will Myers and Starling among obvious others sounds exciting on paper. Of course, reality always changes the course on plans like this. Still that’s what makes it exciting leading up to the draft in the first place.