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2011 MLB Draft: Will The Royals Go Safe With UConn Pitcher Matt Barnes?

There are basically only two known things surrounding the draft approach of the Kansas City Royals when it comes this year's draft. We know the Royals are intent on drafting a pitcher in a year that the talent pool for pitching is deep, and the other known is as fans we really have no idea who they are going to select at this point.

One player we haven't profiled much that is seemingly shooting up draft charts recently is University of Connecticut pitcher Matt Barnes. Barnes is a 6'4" 203-lb right hander that was the 2011 Big East Conference Pitcher of the Year, in which he has gone 11-3 with a sparkling 1.12 ERA. He features a fastball that sits in the mid 90's, while also featuring a curve, slider, and changeup.

Barnes may not get the notoriety of the other college pitchers in the draft because the Big East isn't traditionally known as a power baseball conference, nor is UCONN known for it's baseball tradition, but that shouldn't discount how good a pitcher Barnes is.

The 20-year old who is admittedly a lifelong Yankees fan was quoted in today's Houston Examiner talking about his pitching repertoire-

"I have a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup," he said. "The fastball is my best pitch. I try to use it to get ahead and I can throw it in any count. My other pitches have gotten better since high school. I've developed a pretty good slider. I try to attack hitters and make them beat my stuff while sticking to the game plan. I try to make them beat me rather than make myself lose.

Here are some videos of Matt Barnes in action.