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Kansas City Royals Find A Surprise In Their Own Backyard, Select Bubba Starling

After seeing four pitchers go off the board early, the Royals selected local prep player Bubba Starling with the fifth overall pick in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft.

Well the beginning of the draft didn't end up quite as the Royals envisioned, but outfielder Derek "Bubba" Starling from Gardner, Kansas is not a bad consolation prize at all. With the Kansas City brass thinking pitching coming into the draft, one could figure Kansas City would end up with Oklahoma high school pitcher Dylan Bundy.

After Rice third basemen Anthony Rendon fell down the draft chart, with the Mariners surprising everyone by selecting Virginia's Danny Hutlzen, the Royals turned their attention to Starling, the local kid who is committed to the University of Nebraska to play football. I am not too worried about Starling ever play quarterback in a Big Ten football game though, as the Royals will very likely be able to ink the high school phenom to a contract.

Starling, who many viewed as the best overall athlete in the draft has to be excited about the chance to play for the local team, and fans will certainly be excited at the chance to make amends for passing on local talent such as Albert Pujols and Logan Morrison.