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MLB Trade Rumors: Royals Wilson Betemit Makes Great Trade Chip

With the dearth of solid third base options around the major leagues, it’s no surprise that Wilson Betemit is a sought after trade option for some team making a post-season run. And it shouldn’t be surprising if Betemit receives at least a decent take this offseason when he’s finally a free agent. With that in mind, the timing is perfect for the Royals to make at least something out of what will soon be nothing once Betemit’s contract is up after this season.

With Mike Moustakas already in house and taking Betemit’s playing time, it makes the versatile infielder quite expendable. While he’s not nearly as hot as last year’s incredible level of productivity (where Betemit slugged .511 and managed an .889 OPS in 84 games), he still has a solid bat off of the bench with a line of .285/.345/.415.

Betemit is also versatile around the diamond, which makes him a great utility fit on a contender. He’s played the majority of games the last two years in Kansas City at third base, however KC has also plugged him in at first, second and the outfield on multiple occasions. Given his cheap contract as well ($1 million), it’s a solid all-around pick-up for any team that grabs him.

This seems an ideal situation to move Betemit to some contender, and it’s no surprise that the aggressive Brewers are already on the prowl. Several more suitors will likely show up when all is said and done, and that’s good news for Dayton Moore, considering the Brewers might not have very much to offer given their empty farm system and the prospects they already traded in the K-Rod deal.

Then again, perhaps there’s something there that Moore likes from the scouting reports from the Greinke deal that he can get in this one as well. Moore should have the ability to get something of note for Betemit given the factors involved.