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MLB Trade Rumors: Jeff Francoeur Possibly On Move To Philadelphia Phillies

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur might be heading to familiar territory in the NL East, albeit with a different team than the Atlanta Braves — the franchise that introduced Frenchy to the Major Leagues in the first place. With a major hole in their line-up against left-handed pitching, Francoeur could fit in well in the Phillies line-up.

There are other contenders to fill that slot, including San Diego Padres outfielder Ryan Ludwick. However, the Phillies already have a major budget and have been told to spend low, giving Francoeur a possible nod as a trade target. Francoeur is earning $2.5 million this season and has a team option for next season at $4 million. Francoeur has made overtures to stay in Kansas City, but the well-traveled outfielder is also aware of baseball’s business-first mentality, so he knows it’s a possibility.

On the year, Francoeur is hitting .322 against lefties and slugging at an incredible .655 rate. The Phillies have been disappointed by Dom Brown’s development in the outfield and Raul Ibanez has been hot and cold all season. While names like Ben Francisco can fill in from time to time, the reality is that the Phils lack an impact bat to help put them over the top. Frenchy could be that guy.

More rumors are certain to come, but Francoeur heading back to the NL is one of the probable rumors we’ve heard concerning the Royals.