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MLB Trade Rumors: Angels Checking Out Third Base Options In Wilson Betemit, Aramis Ramirez

In a sign that sportswriters and fans could care less about deals that will not happen, Aramis Ramirez, the Chicago Cubs slugging third baseman, is rumored in several potential deals this trade deadline and yet he holds a full no-trade clause that he has said again and again he will not remove. But that hasn't stopped the Anaheim Angels from kicking the tires on third base options like Ramirez and the Royals Wilson Betemit in hopes of increasing the production from that spot in the order.

The latest rumor circling is that Betemit is an option for the Angels in a trade, and the Halos have the solid near-ready pitching that Dayton Moore would be looking for in a deal. It's hard to tell whether or not the Angels would give up a solid prospect for two months of Betemit before he hits free agency, but perhaps a young bullpen arm like Michael Kohn could get the job done. Then again, would the Angels give up a young, controllable bullpen arm like that? Possibly.

It'd be a great trade for the Royals if so. Betemit is a strong asset for a club on several fronts -- from his versatility to his bat -- and yet the Royals will definitely lose him either way in just two months. To add a solid, young reliever for Betemit at this point should be considered a win.