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MLB Trade Rumors: With Wilson Betemit Now Gone; Is Melky Cabrera Next?

Now that Wilson Betemit has been whisked away to the Detroit Tigers it appears the Royals are officially open for business. We obviously knew this, but no one knew when the first trade would be made by Dayton Moore. Well according to MLB Trade Rumors, it appears Kansas City has been in talks with the Philadelphia Phillies in a move for Melky Cabrera.

While I am intrigued by what Cabrera has done this season, I feel the Royals should certainly do their homework on moving "The Melkman". Taking into account how poor the trade market appears to be this summer, along with the friendly contract he has, Cabrera's value may never be higher than it is now. If you can get another club to overpay then you certainly should make a deal.

With just 11 days left in the July trade window, it should be an all hands on deck situation for the Royals scouts who are likely out scouting minor league clubs all across the country at the moment. Perhaps the Royals shock everyone and decide to package Joakim Soria and Cabrera to a contender. It certainly will be worth following, as things heat up over the next week and a half. For most Royals fans this is the highlight of their summer.