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MLB Trade Rumors: Royals Closer Joakim Soria Staying Put In Kansas City

The latest from Dayton Moore on the Kansas City Royals most desirable trade candidate is that Joakim Soria is not so tradeable after all. The All-Star closer has been as consistent a performer as anyone over the last few years in Kansas City and until struggling for a few weeks this year, he's provided the team with an elite level closer for several seasons. Thus, Moore sees no reason to lose Soria unless he's overwhelmed -- an unlikely scenario given the glut of relievers already available on the market.

General manager Dayton Moore told Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star, "We certainly understand and appreciate why there would be strong interest in him. He’s a premium closer. But he fits for us, and our view of Joakim Soria hasn’t changed as it pertains to his importance to our team. It would have to be a heavy price. We recognize the importance of having good starting pitching. We feel we have some good internal candidates. You can never have enough (starting pitching), but we need Joakim Soria at the end of our bullpen."

With the emergence of Aaron Crow and Tim Collins in the bullpen, the Royals have a strong young core under team control for the next few years. With the lack of quality starters for KC, maintaining a deep, healthy, effective bullpen is of primary importance. Soria anchors that strength for the Royals, and Moore is wise to recognize that.