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Royals Trade Rumors: Jeff Francoeur And Melky Cabrera Likely Staying In Kansas City

After the flurry of rumors and speculation surrounding two of the Kansas City Royals starting outfielders, the current buzz is that both will be in KC next season as well. The frustrating part of all of this is that both will still likely garner trade rumors this time next year unless the Royals are able to reverse their fortunes in one season and be competitive at this point in the season in 2012.

Francoeur started out with a hot month in April, but has since reverted to career norms with the ability to provide some pop in the line-up and a great arm in the outfield. Cabrera, however, has turned in a career performance in Kansas City, so it’s no wonder the Royals would want to keep him unless they’re bowled over by a trade offer at the MLB trade deadline. On the year, Cabrera has 26 doubles and 12 home runs to go with a .297 average for a career-high .786 OPS.

Anything goes at this time of year, so it’s not a done deal, but it seems all of that talk was for nothing. Then again, given the Royals current position in the AL Central basement, at least the deadline gives the team something to talk about.