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MLB Trade Deadline: Cleveland Indians Look To Add Punch With Padres' Ryan Ludwick

With the AL Central up for grabs, it’s quite clear that the teams involved are making moves to get better and better. Just after the Detroit Tigers made a move to bolster their pitching staff, the Cleveland Indians are trying to cement their line-up by adding the San Diego PadresRyan Ludwick to their outfield.

Ludwick has struggled since landing in San Diego despite his impressive RBI total of 62. His total line of .238/.301/.372 doesn’t seem like much help for the Indians, but Ludwick is a better bat than what Petco Park in SD has allowed him to be. Nearly two thirds of his RBI have come on the road, and his average is 40 points higher away from San Diego as well. He might not be the offensive force he was during his Cardinals days, but Ludwick should add some pop for the stretch run.

He also shouldn’t cost the Indians too much in prospects given the quick rental that he is. San Diego has several other players to deal in the next day before the MLB trade deadline, so holding out for Ludwick and dragging the feet of the franchise might lose any chance of getting something for Ludwick. Thus, expect Jed Hoyer to take a decent deal for Ludwick and move on to Aaron Harang, Heath Bell and others.