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MLB Trade Deadline: Pittsburgh Pirates Reportedly Set To Add OF Ryan Ludwick From San Diego Padres

After the rumored deal fell through that the San Diego Padres were sending Ryan Ludwick to the Cleveland Indians, the Padres are now keeping Ludwick in the National League by sending him to another team at the MLB Trade Deadline looking for some power in their line-up, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have been looking for some muscle in their line-up and already added Derrek Lee from the Orioles, and it seems they’re willing to move another prospect to SD, although the person is unknown at this point. All that’s coming out are rumors that the Pirates and Pads are in discussions to make the deal happen today, which is the deadline to do so before all players must clear waivers for a trade — a process that can become political as one team tries to keep another from getting an asset by claiming him.

Ludwick is hitting .238 on the year but plays his home games at Petco which is important to remember. He also has 62 RBI.