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MLB Trade Deadline: Kansas City Royals Among List Of Losers For Not Dealing Enough

You hate to beat a team when they’re down, but the one thing that has several MLB analysts curious is why in the world Dayton Moore would stand pat at the MLB deadline when it means he will get absolutely nothing for several guys who are currently on the roster with no long-term value for the Royals? Simply put, names like Kyle Davies, Jeff Francis and even Melky Cabrera or Jeff Francoeur should not be Royals at this point, especially the pitchers.

If the trade rumors were correct that some teams were at least interested in talking about Davies and Francis, especially, then there’s no reason to not shop them for at least a moderate prospect or future considerations if someone was willing. Neither pitcher remotely fits the long-term plans for the Royals unless Francis is wanting to sign some major extension. Jeff Francoeur has come out publicly stating that he wants to remain in KC, so that’s one thing, but Francis is another entirely.

The reality is that if someone like Jason Marquis has a market at the deadline, then Francis definitely has one. Francis might have a 4-11 record, but that’s no fault of his own. Instead, the starter has made 22 starts with a 4.38 ERA to show for it. He’s been one of the rare steady points on the Royals starting staff, and the Royals could have definitely some kind of trade bounty for him.

As for Davies, if the Royals could have received something — anything! — for Davies, then they should have pulled the trigger. He’s been absolutely miserable on the mound for the entire season save for one or two starts that Dayton Moore must have committed to memory.

Cabrera is having a career-year which could have brought some nice trade haul at the deadline, so with Moore having kept him, I’m going to assume that he didn’t receive something worth losing Cabrera for, who is a keeper for next season as well. Still, trading only Mike Aviles and Wilson Betemit doesn’t fully take advantage of the situation the Royals are in and fails to maximize the deadline.